Embarrassing Moments: That’s right! I’m going public with them!

We all deal with it: embarrassing moments we want to forget about, much less share with anyone. I want to change all that.

We all have our share of embarrassing moments, but I am willing to bet that my quota goes way beyond the norm. Usually I share them with my family and close friends, so that they can have a good laugh. Why stop there? I have decided to broaden my base so others can enjoy it as well. So, intermittently and randomly I may post an Embarrassing Moments blog for everyone’s entertainment.

I love laughter, family, friends, and life. We tend to take ourselves way too seriously. Get over yourself is a motto I try to live by.

God has created me with an innate ability to see humor in almost everything. And yes, if you are wondering, it does get me into trouble a bit…okay, a lot. However, with this ability I have also developed the ability to laugh at myself. As I laugh at myself I invite you to laugh with me.

I say the wrong things, do the wrong things, and spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to get myself out of “situations.” And did I mention I am a pastor’s wife? Yeah, awkward!

Usually when my husband disappears suddenly, I know I did something embarrassing or am about to and he’s “getting out of dodge” before the gun smoke. My husband? He usually does everything “just right.” How in the world has he tolerated me for over thirty years?

And now here are a few Embarrassing Moments: 

  • Once when our kids were little, while picking them up from Sunday school, I asked the children’s director at church, in front of many parents, if they would be cancelling church on Halloween. The look on everyone’s faces should have given me a clue, but it was my husband who spelled it out for me. “Really, Honey? This is a church! Halloween?”
  • While playing softball (as an adult) in an advanced league, I tripped on first base and totally ate it! When we got home at the end of the evening, my husband closed the front door and broke into screams of laughter. Great guy, he waited until we got home. He said, “You looked like a total spaz!” And if anyone is wondering, I was safe.
  • I once peed in a port-a-potty where the toilet seat and the toilet cover were both down. Yeah, it got all over my clothes. Try explaining that one.

How about you? Can you top those? Is anyone brave enough to post an embarrassing moment in the comments section? I say we enjoy life more, lighten up, “get over ourselves,” and laugh. Let’s laugh a lot!

Get over yourself!

8 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments: That’s right! I’m going public with them!

  1. I was at work one day and at about 3pm a coworker asked me “Are you aware you have eyeliner on only one eye?”. The answer was “no…”.

    I was walking and talking and walked into a glass wall when I was exiting a building. It was right by the exit, but, BAM! Everyone turned, laughed, including my sister who decided to point as well. Thanks, sis!

    Oh and I answer rhetorical questions all the time. People are always like “aw, that’s cute. I was just kidding/I was just trying to make a point”.

    Ooops! I appreciate your candor. xo

  2. After a church service (many years ago and not at Shepherd thankfully!), I went to use the bathroom. As I exited and was walking down the hallway, someone ran up to me to “hide me”…my skirt got tucked up into my pantyhose and I was exposing my rear-end. Oh my! I still laugh about it to this day and ALWAYS!!! do a double check before I leave the bathroom.

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