Embarrassing Moments – Checking Myself Out! Oh Yeah!

It was a mad rush morning, as usual. Out of bed, put on gym clothes, get kids to school. Same ol’, same ol’…

Finally, I’m at the gym.

I worked-out hard, even impressed myself. More people than usual seemed to be noticing what I was doing. Nice!

As I was on my way out, and headed for the door…

I checked myself out in the full-length mirror. Who knows? Maybe I’ll look thinner; after all, I did work-out pretty hard!

Why do my shorts look funny? Why is the logo on my butt?


My shorts are on backwards!! Oh no!

Yikes! No wonder more people were looking at me. Gulp!

I need to slow down in the mornings and pay more attention. (Sigh.)

How about you? Are you moving too fast? Is it time to slow down and notice your surrounds and enjoy life more?


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments – Checking Myself Out! Oh Yeah!

  1. I am a consistent rdeear of your blog! I like to read about the LO’s and momma’s I know. I think it is fun to hear what others are up to and see pics. Haha okay I probably sound like a stalker but I swear I am not!

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