Dreams Come True

My husband and I were watching a movie about a writer. The writer in the story would take all the rejection letters he received and pin each one on the wall of his living room.

The wall was wallpapered with rejection letters from end to end.

It was a sea of endless rejection.

I can relate. Can you?

If I took all the rejection letters I’ve received over the years as a writer, I’d have my own rejection wall filled…and more. I can completely identify with this rejection wallpaper—I lived it. I didn’t paste all the “letters” on my wall but my rejection collage was pasted in my head. Each new one reminded me of the ones that came before, until it was an endless map leading to a fantasy dream destination.

What’s your dream?

What’s your pie-in-the-sky fantasy?

It can happen. It can come true.

I know it can because after mapping out what often seemed like a road to nowhere, I’ve reached my destination. My dream has become a reality.

April 1st is proof that dreams come true.

On April 1st my book will be released. My seemingly unattainable goal has arrived. I’m not even sure how to feel about this. I’m excited, elated, and also feel like I’m about to be cut open like never before. I’m opening my inner thoughts for the world to read and wondering if the world will reject me. But it’s not really me it’s my work, which feels like me, because it’s hugely personal.

What do I expect to happen on this momentous day?

What do I expect to happen on April 1st, the day I have been working toward for years?

I feel like when I awake I should hear fireworks going off or the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing in my backyard. At the very least, I am hoping that the people I love will acknowledge my special day with a Hooray! text. And hubby, if you’re reading this, can you bang a drum or something for me?

I’m here to tell you today…

Dreams can come true.

You may be thinking “This is never going to happen.”

Don’t give up on your dreams.

What’s your pie-in-the-sky goal?What’s your seemingly unreachable quest?

Maybe your dream is to fix your marriage.

Maybe your dream is to finish your education.

Maybe your dream is to be a writer, singer, teacher, lawyer, or a doctor.

Maybe your dream is to raise children.

It can happen. I have friends who yearned for a baby. They became foster parents. I’ve been seeing pictures of them holding a beautiful baby. Currently, they are foster parents to not one, but three children! Dreams do come true.

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”

-Jeremiah 32:27

Don’t give up.

Each rejection maps the road to success.

As much as I am excited to be a published author, if I’m real honest, my biggest dream is to still be married tomorrow and to have a loving relationship with all of my children…all of them…and my grandkids. That is my highest calling—to be a wife and a mom and a grandmother… but next is being an author.

Would you celebrate with me? Please check out my book From Me to We. And if you can send off fireworks or bring the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir to me on April 1st, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. It’s been an honor!





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