Does This Make Me Look Fat: 10 Ways To Tell The Truth

bad dress“How does this look? Do I look fat?” When a woman asks this, it makes her man want to run. Is there really any good answer other than, “No, not at all!”?

As for me, I want the truth when I ask questions like that. Then when he says, “You look great!” I can believe him.

Here are some phrases for what to say in those awkward moments:

  1. That outfit does not compliment your fantastic figure.
  2. I love that color on you, but it accentuates areas I don’t think you’d want accentuated.
  3. You look better naked.
  4. You look beautiful in anything, but that one is not my favorite.
  5. Wear the mauve dress. I love it on you.
  6. I’ll take you shopping.
  7. I really like your legs in that dress, but you’d look even better if you wore [fill in the blank].
  8. How about you wear something that matches me?
  9. I love you.
  10. And if all else fails, here’s the top response: Kids, go tell Mom to change.

At the end of any wardrobe malfunction, honesty is the best policy. We’ve all seen people and thought, “Did they look in a mirror before they left their house? Why didn’t someone tell them?” Save your loved one some embarrassment and tell the truth.



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