Do You Love Me?


Do you ever wonder if anyone really loves you? Sometimes my thoughts run away from me and I feel as if nobody loves me. Such examples would be when you hear about a party you were not invited to or when you were expecting many friends for a gathering and only a few show up, or when you feel left out in some way.

I can begin wallowing in my own little pity party. Nobody loves me. Nobody likes me. I think I’ll eat some worms … or cake … or ice cream. What is any party without cake and ice cream, right?1176503_28286558

After my son got married I had anxiety fear concern stupid thoughts that maybe his wife would not like me after the wedding. Truthfully, it was a bit scary.

But then, while I was visiting them in Texas, I went to my new daughter’s workplace. Her coworkers told me she spoke very highly of me and that she was excited I was visiting. They even told me she loved the pancakes I had made for her that morning. Who doesn’t love my pancakes?

Why did I even entertain those silly thoughts? Stupid dump thoughts! Why do I do that? I mean who hasn’t heard a nightmare story about a mother-in-law? I didn’t want to be that kind of mother-in-law. (On a side note, my son is fortunate to have a lovely mother-in-law. He married well!)   

This encounter got me thinking. Why do I automatically assume that people don’t like me, don’t love me? Where does this come from? Insecurity? Self-doubt? Past experiences? The note from 6th grade? That terrible note that said, “You’re fat.

You’re ugly. But who the *beep* cares?” from the cool kid. Not being voted most likely to succeed, or best hair, or most talented in junior high? Not getting many dates in high school? Okay, no dates…not until my husband, when I was a senior and he had already graduated two years prior. (But that’s another story.)

No! It is just my stupid thoughts creating things that hold me back, keeping me from being all that God designed me to be, turning a great day into a pity party. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

We need to be thinking on things that are good and true—thoughts that honor, thoughts that are uplifting.  I need to be thinking about the fact that my husband loves me, my children love me, and my parents love me…and I am pretty sure a few friends. Even if that were it, that alone is a goldmine! Who could ask for more?

Just in case there are others out there who entertain “stupid thoughts,” how about we communicate to those we love how much we love them? You may just make someone’s day.

Love. Love all out. Live all out. Generously express your love to others.

Don’t leave anyone wondering, “Do you love me?”

6 thoughts on “Do You Love Me?

  1. Dear Lu,
    It’s so good to visit you again. Thank you for such a wonderful dose of clarity! Yes, may we all be extravagant with our love. Many hugs, Sharon. p.s. What a precious daughter-in-law! How can she not love you! 😀

    1. Sharon,
      Thank you so much! And yes, I do have a precious daughter-in-law. My son married up for sure! Thank you for visiting!

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