I hate conflict. I know it is necessary sometimes, and a part of life, but I don’t have to like it! But what is worse than me being in the middle of a clash, is when two of the people I love most in this world are at odds.

Yeah, that’s right I am talking about my kids and my husband. It can be Mike with one of our kids. Or it can be two of my kids…or all three of my kids. It does not happen often, but when it does, I feel hopeless, helpless and paralyzed. I want to fix it. I want to make it all better. I feel like I need to get in the middle and do “something,” anything.

Please somebody make it stop! My heart breaks and I feel as though I am going to implode.

Ultimately, I want my family to be close and in order for that to happen, conflict is part of the process. Conflict brings out true feelings and the opportunity for forgiveness. In the end conflict says, “I love you no matter what. I love you even during the bad times and ugly times.”

In my family all things return to normal (if one can call my family normal) and deeper relationships form as we all work through whatever comes up. I guess what would be even scarier than family conflict is a family without conflict, for that would mean that things are merely staying on a surface level.

My family is very close, and if closeness means conflict sometimes, then I’ll take that every time over a fake, surface family.

Don’t you think it’s worth it to dig in, work through conflict and get to the good stuff?

2 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. What makes it all together easier is that your family has a book of solutions. What can u do when your family all has a worldly perspective and not a Godly one. You can’t work it out. U leave feeling sad that your family can’t resolve these issues even if you tried and worse yet or better depending on how u feel (for me I can now wear it like a badge of honor) you are the problem because of being to involved and taking your religion to seriously. Your the clearly the issue and not them. The only thing I can do is wish them well grieve my lose and change this for my immediate family. I’m sure God has some amazing ending to this. But in the meantime prayer and alot of it! But it still hurts.

    1. Chriss…looks like you are talking about your extended family, is that correct? With extended family it is more complicated but I would say that you need to preserve your family (your husband & kids) above everything else.

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