Christmas…with less stress!

At the beginning of the holiday season I wrote a post about how Christmas is not my favorite time of the year. I revealingly proclaimed that all I wanted this season was less stress.


Christmas is only a day away and somehow I have been given a Christmas miracle. Okay, miracle is a bit dramatic, but it almost feels like one. I have enjoyed this year more than previous high-pressure-stressed-filled years and have experienced more joy. See? Miracle! Santa is real!

What made this Christmas season profoundly different from the past?


I focused on my many blessings and not on the tasks I had to accomplish. I was nicer to myself and even sat and enjoyed Christmas movies whenever I got something on my list done. Yes, that’s right, I rewarded myself like a trained seal.

I took the pressure off and thanked God every day for my wonderful life.

I bought pies instead of baking…I took a day off to cook…I stopped for a pedicure in the middle of the madness…I used jarred sauce for the lasagna instead of making my own (I can hear my Italian grandmothers yelling at me from heaven!)…and enjoyed the whole process!

I even lost a week—no joke—I lost my way with the calendar but still prevailed victorious!

Life is good. Next year will be even better.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas…with less stress!

  1. Merry Christmas Lu! May God bless you with many more Christmas’s like this one and better. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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