Cheating Husband

wedding bandsIs there anything worse than a cheating husband? Most wives would say no, and yet, many men have fallen prey to that title. Sadly, such a title has been the cause for many broken families and broken hearts.

And yet one of the most revered men in the Bible, David, holds that title along with the title of king, warrior, and  “a man after God’s own heart,” (1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22).

How do those conflicting titles coexist?

Could it be that David’s wife, Michal, could give us the answer and shed some light on the conundrum? In 1 Samuel 18:20 it tells us that Michal “loved David;” most start out that way, and yet in 2 Samuel 6:16 it says, “She despised him in her heart.”

What happened?

The king was celebrating (2 Samuel 6) and dancing and leaping before the Lord wearing only a linen ephod as the house of Israel brought the ark of God to the city of David.

For some reason this upset his “beloved” wife, Michal. She then chastised him basically calling him foolish and undistinguished (2 Samuel 6:20), using words that would cut to the core of any man spoken by someone who is supposed to love and honor him.

It would appear that David was not getting much praise and adoration from home. Could it be that this led to his wandering eye?

I am not at all saying that a wife is responsible for a cheating husband; however, I am saying that a wife can contribute to it by being a cheating wife—a wife who cheats their husband of respect and honor.

Wives, let’s not hold the title of cheating wife; cheating our husbands of appreciation, praise, and approval, withholding words of praise and adoration.

Instead be a “woman after God’s own heart.”

  • Celebrate his victories
  • Look for the good in him
  • Lift him up with words and actions

Find one thing today about your husband you can be thankful for. Tell him how much you appreciate him. Decide today to love and respect him, even when he does something that you may not agree with.



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