The Chaff In Your Marriage

Let’s begin with the definition of chaff according to Merriam-Webster: the seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed in threshing grain something completely worthless I just returned from speaking at a retreat. My prayer and deep desire was to leave the ladies with something of value—something they could take home. As I spoke […]

Love Birds

While in church with my husband I was distracted. Someone had followed us in, and as I turned I realized it was my daughter and son-in-law. They had dropped the baby off in the nursery and were there to enjoy church, just the two of them. There would be no distractions from the baby this […]

My Wife Left

Hi Lu, My wife and I are both Christians. Actually it was my wife who brought me to Christianity. I first heard you and your husband on Frank Sontag’s show back in February. Your story and your explanations of what marriage is all about were highly insightful to me. I immediately began to try to […]

Love Thy Neighbor

The Bible tells us to “love our neighbor.” Who’s our neighbor? Can I tell you about my neighbors? We love the family who lives next to us. When one of their chickens somehow got under the fence and into our backyard, our cocker spaniel had a heyday. I am talking a HEYDAY! The kind with […]

Marriage Gut Punches

I was reading each day’s post to my husband. These posts were very special to me. My publisher offered a 7-Day Marriage Challenge taken from my book. I signed up. Yes, I signed up for the marriage challenge that I wrote! Kind of funny, huh?  As the challenges showed up in my inbox I read […]

When To Call It Quits

In the earlier years of my marriage when the subject of infidelity came up, I would voice that was the one thing I couldn’t bear. Who could possibly stay with someone who is unfaithful? Who could possibly stand by when a spouse is having fun elsewhere? Teasing… gruffness… forgetting to pick up the milk… long […]

Feeling Loved

This cute little darling of a 4th grader, with a big smile, cheerfully glided into the kids’ class where I was helping on Sunday morning. The lesson was on LOVE, and during our small group time, I asked, “When was the last time you felt loved?” “I haven’t felt loved for a while” said the […]



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