The Joy and Ruckus of Being a Mother

Yes, yes, I know Mother’s Day is over. But being a Mom is everyday. Since the close of our mom day, I’ve been contemplating the joys and absolute ruckus that surrounds motherhood. This was my first Mother’s Day as an “empty nest” mom. Truth be told, I don’t much like having an empty nest. Can […]

We Are Family

I was watching the TV show Modern Family. I love this show. Have you seen it? The thing that I love about the show the most, and the thing that always brings me back, is how the family stays connected. No matter what, they love and accept each other—no judgment, no accusations, no limits. Now […]

Change Stinks

I’ve been watching the TV show This Is Us. I love it. Confession: I’m kind of addicted, much like I’m kind of addicted to food and coffee and peanut butter. There was one episode highlighting Thanksgiving. The family in this show was on their way to see Grandma and Grandpa and spend Thanksgiving with them. […]

What’s In Your Face?

We were watching the Super Bowl when something reflective and profound happened. It was the last few minutes of the game and the first time ever a Super Bowl had EVER gone into overtime. My daughter got up and told her husband, “I’ve got to visit the ladies room, you’re on Daddy Duty.” I’m thinking, […]

Where’s God In My Marriage?

I had what should have been an ordinary occurrence turn into an “incident,” and a God moment for me. My one-year-old grandson had to go for his one-year doctor’s appointment and shots. Grandma got to go along. We arrived at the doctor’s office and were escorted in without incident—not yet at least. The first stop […]

Three Weeks Until Christmas!

Christmas is almost here y’all! Do those words bring feelings of joy and contentment, or a little anxiety and distress? I can understand if this season brings some stress. There are gifts to be bought, decorations to put up, parties to prepare for, and feasts to plan for. And on top of all of this, […]

Be Thankful

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw it. It was big. It was beautiful. I wanted it. I started to feel like my life wasn’t full without it. And what was this thing I had to have in order to feel happy? Are you ready for this? A kitchen. Has that ever happened to […]

Busted By a Baby

I’m ruined, y’all! After witnessing my grandson come into this world I am completely busted and can’t seem to put myself back together. And I don’t know that I want to. Buckle up for the story… My husband and I were hours away at a conference when the text came in that Monica was having […]



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