Never Enough

I was having an especially rough week. Since the release of my book I’ve been feeling like no matter what I do it’s just not enough. No matter how many radio spots or author events I book it’s just not enough. I’m not enough. I’m not good enough. Do you ever feel like that? Like […]

Dreams Come True

My husband and I were watching a movie about a writer. The writer in the story would take all the rejection letters he received and pin each one on the wall of his living room. The wall was wallpapered with rejection letters from end to end. It was a sea of endless rejection. I can […]

Not a New Year’s Resolution List

It’s that time of year where we make our resolution lists. This year I’m writing a NOT New Year’s Resolution List. I will not make a resolution list this year. I will not beg God to do things the way I think they need to be done. I will not focus on negative irritations about […]

Christmas Countdown

Do you remember those foam rollers? Did you know you can still get those today? For me, foam rollers and Christmas go together. As a little girl growing up my mom used foam rollers on my hair once a year. Christmas Eve my sister and I would take our baths, and then our mom would […]

We Don’t Do It Like That Here

I love visiting churches. Don’t you? While I was in Missouri I got the opportunity to visit a church. Not just any church, the church my son attends while he’s at college. I loved the church. I loved being with fellow Christ followers and receiving great Bible teaching. And yet, as you know, if you’ve […]

You Matter

What are you certain of in life? What do you know for sure? I suppose we would all have differing answers to those questions. How I wish I could sit down with you and hear what you think. My message is short today. And it may be just what you need to hear. You are […]

Your Last Goodbye

As we routinely send our loved ones off, we usually don’t know when our last goodbye will be. We shake the hand of a loyal friend, we drop the kids off at school, we wave to our spouse as we pass in the driveway. What if that were our last goodbye? Did we communicate how […]

Finding Balance by Pastor Mike Williams

This week I have a special guest writer, Pastor Mike Williams. Mike is the children’s pastor at Shepherd Church where he oversees 1,200 to 1,400 children a weekend. Could you imagine? To truly appreciate what he does, one would have to see him in action. Mike is an amazing pastor, but more than that, he […]



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