Can You Give Me a Lift Up?

I absolutely love this picture.

Stop right now and think of someone who gave you a “leg up.”

Got it?

We all have someone who has helped us out, just when we needed it the most. A time when we were down and out, and someone extended their hand and gave us a little push—a little help. Call it karma, call it fate, call it God. Call it love.

Some think that people are innately rotten. But I like to think that at the core, we all want to be good. We want to reach out and help others. We want to make a difference. We want to extend love.

I want to give a shout out to some of those people in my life:

  • my husband, who loved me when I thought I was unlovable
  • my friend, Traci, who helped me see that I could be a better wife
  • my friend, Dawn, who taught me how to love God
  • my friend, Rhonda, who believes in me, even when I don’t
  • my friend, Karen, who sticks around loving me since the third grade
  • my friend, Jen, who helps me to laugh at myself
  • my friend, Amy, who reads my writing even when others won’t
  • my friend, Kathie, who always gives out her heart of gold
  • my friend, Debby, who listens to me ramble about “nothing”
  • my friend, Carol, who generously helped me reach my fitness goals
  • Phil & Chelsea, who gave me a place to stay while visiting my son
  • my big brother, who gives me unconditional love and acceptance
  • my parents, who rushed me to the hospital more times than I like to count
  • my sister, for laughing through our childhood with me
  • my aunts and uncles, who surrounded me with love and fed me many times
  • Jenny, who loves my son selflessly
  • my kids, who inspire me and are better people than I’ll ever be

Take time today to make your own list.

A thankful heart is life’s antivirus to bitterness, sadness, and anger. 

8 thoughts on “Can You Give Me a Lift Up?

  1. *Writing my list now!!!* 😉 THANK U 4 the reminder… I’m excited 2 write my list & pray & thank GOD for them & what He has done THRU them! THANK U! 😉 This, as ALL of your blogs/writing, is BEAUTIFUL!!! (Just like you, Lu!) Thanks for sharing your brilliant thoughts/ideas, and ways of thinking… you help us grow, and remind us of GODS LOVE!!! I thank God that U r obedient to God in being used 2 do His will! 🙂 Ur just GGRREEEAAATTTT <3<3<3 Also, thnx for the "shoutout" ;))))) But I didn't do ANYTHING!!! YOU r the 1 who stayed focus, disciplined, and kept faith – even during the times it was hard too! But I AM SOOOO HAPPY U hv reached ur goal! WOOT WOOT!!!!! :):):) Sorry – such a long comment! LOL ;o)
    Last thing, I promise – hahaha! I SOOOO LOOOOVE this picture!!!!!! It's SOOOOOO CUTE :):):) Makes me TOTALLY SMILE! I may hv to take it and look at it every once in a while – just ADORABLE! THX agn 4 sharin Mrs. AMAZIN Woman of God Lu! <3<3<3

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