Behind Every Good Man is a Great Woman

coupleMany have heard the expression, “Behind every good man is a great woman.” But I began to think about all the exceptions to this statement.

What about some single men who have accomplished great things and are great men? I can name quite a few.

What about the husband with a nagging, overbearing wife, but still is an accomplished doctor, pastor, or businessman? I’ve often thought of Abraham Lincoln when I’ve heard this expression.

I challenge this statement today to make an addendum to it.

Great women make good men even greater. Great women can help men feel loved. Great women can help men feel valued and respected.

Author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn said, “Almost every guy we talked to said they would rather hear encouragement from a girl than a guy.”

You are the wife, sister, or mother of a guy. Your words hold tremendous power.

That power either enables the man in your life to become better, or your words of discouragement have become a hurdle in his life to overcome.

So, I ask you: Are the good men in your life great in spite of you or are they greater because of you?



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