Can We Un-One Something?

While reading a book by pastor Andy Stanley a certain page jumped out at me. I must share it with you! He says the toughest sermon he ever preached was on divorce and remarriage. He went on to say that he didn’t like what the text read in the Bible and what Jesus said about […]

In Light of Vegas

We’ve all heard crazy stories about Las Vegas. One lady tried to get cash from a Sprinkles Cupcake “ATM” machine, while there’s a guy in a corner crying, and he’s in a diaper. A stupid sign that reads “Kick me in the nuts” and it only costs $10.00. Friends at a Blackjack table pulling their […]

Hot Dog Night

When my children were young and funds were low and craziness was high and hubby and I needed some adult time, I started a family favorite and called it—you guessed it—Hot Dog Night. If you’re a mom and you’ve found yourself saying, “Mine, mine, mine” or “Are we there yet?” and you’re humming Twinkle Twinkle […]

Is Marriage a Sacred Affair?

There was a time, some time ago, where my husband was going through an excessively stressful season. It seemed to come to a head one day as he talked with me through some of the decisions he needed to make, and the challenges he was facing. I listened. I wanted to add in my “solutions.” […]

I Hate Moms by Monica Welch

Friends, I am so excited to share this week’s post. Brought back by popular vote is another article written by my daughter. Her post titled Prepare For Poop: Confessions from a New Mom was LOVED. In fact, I arrived to speak at a retreat and the ladies were talking about my blog–but NOT a post […]

Give Me Attention

It was moving day for my daughter, son-in-law, and precious grand-baby. This meant that Grandma and Grandpa, seriously, I can’t believe grand is referring to me and my husband. It makes me sound so old, but I feel young. Like a teenager, even. Okay, too far. But get this, yesterday, a gentleman asked me, How old […]



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