Are You Having a Bad Day?

I’m sitting here immobilized. Bad news can do that to you.

I had been feeling a bit sad and grieving the whole empty nest thing. My thoughts began to dominate me with the fact that I am old enough to be a grandmother now, and, in fact, I AM a grandmother. Grandmothers are so old. That’s what I always thought, and now, that old grandmother is me. My husband and I are alone again to enjoy each other, but we’re so old now, and I miss having our kids living in our home. How can I be happy when I’m so sad and missing my children? I wouldn’t even mind getting up and taking them to school again. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

Do your thoughts ever begin to run away from you in a direction you don’t want to go?

I was there, but then, forced myself to move forward thanking God for the day.

Diving into work responsibilities, I received a text from my longtime, dear friend…

Looking down at my phone and seeing her name brightened my day and I was thinking Sweet! She probably wants to get together. Cool. I’ve got time.

But that wasn’t the reason for the text at all.

Her brother passed away. It was unexpected. It was sudden. I offered to help her with anything she needed and I’ve been sitting, immobilized, ever since the sad news.

He knew Jesus Christ, and is in Heaven now, but the sad truth of the loved ones left behind leaves emptiness. He had a wife, children, and grandchildren. He had been landscaping his daughter and son-in-law’s yard when he had a heartache. There had been no warning. No illness. No time to prepare. No clues for what was ahead. His son-in-law found him in the yard, who then told his two sons, and they had the task of telling their mom.

They had had a long and happy marriage.

Could you imagine having to deliver news like that?

Could you imagine receiving news like that?

Suddenly, the fact that I get to be a grandmother leaves me feeling childish for my earlier thoughts.

Have you ever been feeling sorry for yourself and suddenly realize you are the fortunate one?

I am a grandmother.

My husband and I get to live out our older years together.

I get to watch my children thrive.

My husband and I still love being together.

This grandma will be able to play with her grandkids.

The sun is out.

I am breathing.

I can serve God another day.

I am blessed.

Yes, I am growing old and THAT IS GREAT!

What are you grateful for today?

Are you growing old?

Age is a blessing.

Today is a blessing.

Friends, every day is a gift.

Until next time, appreciate the gift of now.



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