An Affair

The traffic was worse than usual. Sitting at a complete halt, his car was directly in front of mine. He noticed me, and my cell rang. We talked for a while about the annoying unending stream of stopped cars.

Then he said, “Follow me.” His car turned right. As I followed I felt a sudden surge of excitement. He knew where he was going as we drove through the suburban streets.

“Let’s grab some dinner, instead of waiting in that traffic,” he suggested.

“Sounds great!”

“What are you up for?”

“How about a veggie-burger?”

We pulled into a parking lot, and walked into the restaurant. We ordered a couple of burgers. He paid.

Sitting across from him I felt like a schoolgirl with a crush brought on by his attentiveness. He told me I was beautiful.

“The coast isn’t clear yet,” he told me, “how about we go into Starbucks?”coffee cup and food copy

Sitting close on a bench seat I could smell the enticing aroma of his cologne. We talked and stole a few kisses. It didn’t matter how long we needed to wait it out, I was enmeshed in the fleeting moments.

“It’s beginning to get dark,” he said, “we should head out.”

“Is it clear?” I asked.

“Yeah, let’s go home.”

As we walked hand in hand to our cars he said, “Follow me.”

I’d follow you anywhere.

My prescription for an exciting marriage…

have an affair…

with your spouse.

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