A Mother’s Legacy by Seana Scott

This week we have a guest post by my beautiful friend, Seana Scott. You don’t want to miss this post!

Seana Scott is a work-in-the-home mom to three littles, freelance writer, seminary student, and blogs to encourage moms at SeanaScott.org. 

A Mother’s Legacy by Seana Scott

My mom died recently. I sit at her favorite kitchen chair, sipping coffee from her Thomas Kinkade mug, staring out the window to the huge oak tree that protects the yard.

My three-year-old stomps his feet from the living room, through the dinning room, and into the kitchen to tattle tell on his brother. I hear the pounding and the melody of the well-loved wood floorboards that sing a particular tune.

I will miss these floorboards. They’re aged with vibrations of laughter, card games, and family Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

Life happens too fast. 

Wasn’t it just a second ago that mom lulled me to sleep in the living room by the window, singing rock-a-by baby? Didn’t my brother and I just build that fort from chairs and sheets in the backyard where he and the neighbor girl gave each other their first kiss? How has it been 25 years since I sold cups of crystal light lemonade for 25 cents on our front lawn?

Life happens too fast.

My baby girl now cries and I pick her up from the jumper and hold her as I type. I stare at her porcelain face and imagine my parents doing the same—from the same spot at the kitchen table.


I now take down pictures off the wall, where sun-spots remain, leaving their legacy of space. And I wonder, what is mom’s legacy?

She started her own company, won numerous awards, traveled the nation speaking at seminars—but those people are long gone. Those checks cashed years ago. The awards tossed in the green trashcan for bulk pick-up.

But I’m here. I’m here remembering her example of hard work, cherishing our talks about boys over games of backgammon, missing our weekend getaways to fancy hotels up and down the pacific coast.

I’m here missing her cheering words and affirming I’m a good mom. I’m here wishing I could hear her voice one more time say, “Nothing so bad happens, something good doesn’t come out of it.”

She touched people’s hearts with kindness and told stories in a way that would have you laughing to the point of tears.

She’s gone. But I’m here. 

I’m part of what’s left after plane rides, hotels, and business dinners. I’m part of what’s left after tuna casseroles, Christmas trees, and algebra homework.

Life happens too fast, and when my time comes my children might wonder what my legacy is.

I hope they look in the mirror.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”

-Psalm 90:12



Take every opportunity to show love to those you love because we don’t know when it will be our last chance.



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  1. Beautiful! Made me tear up! Time does fly by so fast . . . a good reminder to enjoy the moments and those we love everyday!!

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