A Father’s Day Story


As Father’s Day approaches many are excited to celebrate Dad. It’s a day to give thanks and appreciation to our fathers. In honor of Father’s Day I’ve decided to share a “dad” story and I hope you do the same.

We all have stories that stand out about our parents.

For some reason I often think about a kind gesture my dad did many years ago. I was in elementary school and we had a school fundraiser. My teacher Mrs. Stuckinbrook was there. Mrs. Stuckinbrook was an old, red-haired-grandma-type, with a big heart. Teachers make deposits with livelong investments.

I still remember her name because of the impact she made on me. I was in the 4th grade, and it was the year I almost died because of a complication during surgery having my tonsils removed. Mrs. Stuckinbrook had been overly kind and thoughtful through my entire ordeal.

My dad bought a pie during the school fundraiser. Now before I tell you what he did with that pie, you’ve got to know that my family is Italian. Food is EVERYTHING! I had an uncle who made it a sport to put entire meatballs in his mouth! There was no such thing as “just food” in my family. Food was an EVENT!

I knew our family was not in the best financial place at the time, and bringing home a pie would have been a huge treat. I could practically taste it before we even got it to the car. My anticipation was growing as the night came to a close. But then my dad did something which I will never forget.


This kind gesture made her so happy. Suddenly, I got more pleasure out of seeing her delight than I would have if we had been able to take the pie home and devour it.

Seeing my dad make Mrs. Stuckinbrook feel special made me feel special.

It was a lesson on how giving is always better than receiving. I have done my best to live that life lesson. It’s only when we are able to give up our life that we find it. It is no surprise that my life verse today is Matthew 10:39 – “He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake shall find it.”

Parents, your kids are watching, and you are making an impact, even when you don’t realize it.

Today share a story about your dad.


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