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Ladies, if you disagree with me on this, I want to hear from you:

We as women want our men to stand up and stand firm.

apple copyEvery time I read Genesis chapter three, where Eve eats the forbidden fruit and then gives it to Adam to eat, I have an emotional reaction. As I approach verse six I am rooting for Adam. “No, don’t do it! Don’t eat it! No, step away from the fruit!” And then at the close of verse six he eats it. “Ah man, no Adam. Why did you do it? Why did you listen to her?”

Truthfully, I have had the same reaction when I’ve given my husband bad advice. I have caught myself and even said, “I think you shouldn’t listen to me. I’m off.” However, the reality is, he doesn’t always take my advice. He is his own man. He processes any information I give him, but in the end, he does what he thinks is right. I love that about him. He stands firm. He stands up. Even if it is me he is standing up to.

Wow! Now, that’s a man who is easy to follow!

We women want a man who isn’t pushed around by us. We want a man who thinks for himself. We want a man who stands firm in what he believes – not in a stubborn, ignorant kind of way, but in a loving way. He is gentle and kind but he does not get pushed around, especially not by you.

That is the kind of man I want to be married to and I am guessing you feel the same way.

And for those of you women who are thinking, “Yes, that is the kind of man that I want, but my husband just isn’t that man. I wish he was, but he falls short.” Consider this: Is it possible he has decided it’s easier to just give in rather than fight with you or receive the ‘flack’ you give him if things do not go your way? Be woman enough to ask yourself that question. If you are really brave, ask him; but whatever you do, don’t get angry at his response.

Sometimes men roll over and play dead simply because it is easier.

At the end of the day, I want a man that stands up and stands firm. Amen? Anybody?

4 thoughts on “Eve

  1. I love this Lu. Abe just the other day put his foot down n I didn’t like it so this hit home. I’m now thankful for a strong man. 😉

    ~Desserie Anaya


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