No Bible


Elizabeth Recenello

Do you own a Bible? Most of us have more than one. I know I do. I had always thought I had a great appreciation for my Bible until I had an eyeopening conversation with my sister-in-law, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth grew up in the Ukraine, which at the time was part of the Soviet Union.

Her family loved God, but was not allowed to own a Bible. Every Sunday morning, Elizabeth, along with her grandmother, father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters, gathered secretly in an empty room in their home listening to a church service via the family radio.

Years prior, her great-grandparents were killed by Russian KGB because of their Christian faith. Her great-grandfather, who was eighty-nine at the time, was dragged through the snow.

Elizabeth’s grandmother kept a tiny New Testament Bible hidden in the house. It was written in Old Slavic. Her knowledge of God and the Bible was limited to what her grandmother could translate into Ukrainian.


Elizabeth’s grandmother

Finally, when the Russian government crashed in 1993, after seventy-five years, the Ukraine, as well as fifteen other countries, were free of Russian tyranny.

At the age of thirty-five Elizabeth was able to worship freely for the first time. Did you catch that? Thirty-five!

Then one day, she took a bus to church at a nearby town to pray. On a table with a lady seated behind it, she saw three Bibles for sale.

“WOW! A Bible! I can’t believe it. I can buy a Bible! I can have my own Bible!” As she spoke I could see tears forming in her eyes.

There was one with a deep red cover, one with a blue cover, and one had a green cover.

“I chose the green one,” she told me, “green, the color of life. We have green lights, which tell us to go. We have green leaves, signifying new life. And of course, the green branches laid at Jesus’ feet on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.”

She paused, “Where is that in the Bible?” We both opened our Bibles. As she glanced down at her Bible she said, “There it is Matthew 21, look!” To our amazement she had randomly opened the Bible to the exact passage.

“I chose green.”

After buying her green Bible she embraced it like a mother does her new baby.

Upon arriving home, sobbing, she kissed her Bible repeatedly.

She spent most of that day and night reading, more like devouring, the words on the pages. Before that day she had only heard about “this book” from her grandmother. The stories she heard so much about, which before had only seemed like fairytales, were now clutched in her hands inside the pages of her cherished book.


This is her once “green” Bible today.

Could you imagine?

Could you imagine being so thankful that you cried and kissed God’s Word?

Could you imagine loving God, worshipping God, but not being able to attend church or read a Bible?

“At first, I didn’t understand what I read in my Bible” Elizabeth told me “but then I asked God to open my heart and help me understand. And He did.” As she talks about God’s Word today, you would think she had a Bible degree.

“God taught me,” she humbly says.

Whoa! Just whoa!

How often do you open your Bible?

We can take the most precious gift and turn it into commonplace.

How often do you skip church?

How often do we complain about the worship music in church?

How often do we complain about our seats in church?

How often do we complain about parking at church?

If you have a church to attend and you own a Bible, you are blessed!

How many blessings has God given to us and yet we haven’t fully received them? Reading our Bible is a privilege and a tremendous gift.

Churches where we can freely worship and serve God are blessings heaped upon blessings.

After my conversation with my sister-in-law I came away with a newfound appreciation for God’s Word, and the freedom to worship and love God unhindered. The only hindrances I have are those in which I have created myself.

I am thankful today for my Bible.

I am thankful today for my church.

I am thankful today I can talk to others about my faith.

I am thankful today I can worship God and serve Him without concern of death or imprisonment.

What are you thankful for today?

Until next time, love God. Love others. Never stop worshipping. And never stop reading your Bible.

Riding Out the Waves


Many of us have stories about the Northridge earthquake in 1994. Living in California, earthquakes are something you’ve got to learn to roll with. If you live in California, you know what I’m talking about.

My daughter reminded me about part of our Northridge earthquake story that I had forgotten about. Monica was five years old, and Tim was four years old in 1994. It was by far the scariest disaster we as a family have ever gone through. Again, you can probably relate if you lived in California on January 17, 1994.

The aftershocks were one of the scariest elements to the devastating quake. They happened often and what seemed like weeks. With every one came the reminder of the fright at 4:30 a.m. waking us from a dead sleep, hearing the water bursting from our water heater, cut legs from fallen objects, broken glass throughout the house, and barricades of fallen items from closets, cabinets, and drawers. Again, if you lived through it, you probably remember it well.

As my daughter reminisced about that frightening day she recalled me raising my hands and playfully bellowing WEEEEEE! every time we had an aftershock. I did this because I didn’t want my children to be scared. I turned it into a fun game. And obviously, my daughter remembered. My kids weren’t scared as the aftershocks hit. Instead it was transformed into fun.

As a parent we set the tone for our children. Each day we can choose to breathe truth and life into them or choose a spirit of fear.

Parenting can become so serious to the point that we forget to have fun with our kids.

Do something fun.

We all go through differing waves of life. Some waves can be scary. But if you know God is carrying you through each crashing wave, you can rest in the security of your heavenly Father.

Sometimes you just gotta throw your hands up in the air and say WEEEEEE!

Until next time, have a little fun today.


How To Respond When Your Child Questions Your Beliefs


Enjoy this guest post by ordained pastor Tim Williams. Tim studied at Dallas Theological Seminary and has a Bible degree from Biola University. Currently, he and his wife Jenny are expecting their first child as he serves as the Children’s Pastor at mega-church, Compass Church in Colleyville, Texas. Tim is my son and a mom couldn’t be more proud. This post has insightful information for parents and wisdom for all of us.

Is the Bible True? By Pastor Tim Williams

Tips for Parents

This is such a complex question, it’s hard to know where to start. Christians tend to use the Bible to “prove” that the Bible is true. When it comes to skeptical friends or curious kids with complex questions, we need to be prepared to have an honest answer, not a circular argument for what we believe.


3 things to keep in mind when dealing with complex questions:

  1. It’s okay to not have the answer!

Sometimes your kids have some really difficult and strange questions. And you don’t have to have the answer! It’s okay to say “I don’t know,” and to discover the answer together. To give an answer just because we feel we should have one can push our kids away as they get older and as they realize the things we have been telling them aren’t exactly true.

  1. Make sure your kids know it’s okay to question biblical beliefs.

There will come a point in your kids’ lives when they will begin to question some of the basic truths of the Bible. This is okay and it is part of every young person accepting the truth of the Bible as a part of his or her own beliefs. Even John the Baptist had doubts to whether Jesus was the Christ (Luke 7:20)!

  1. Make sure your kids know YOU are the right person to talk to about these things.

As your kids get older, they’re going to start hearing from more and more outside influences that will steer them away from the truth of the Bible. Teachers and friends will say things that challenge the validity of the Bible.  Your kids need to know that you’re a safe place to come to and a safe person to question their beliefs with. Let them know it’s okay to question the truth of the Bible! If they’re not allowed to question their beliefs at a younger age with you there to help guide them, then they’re going to question their beliefs on their own when they get older without you. And you may not like their conclusions.


Which of the following conversation would you rather have?

Kid: Dad, I don’t think a fish ever swallowed Jonah. That sounds impossible!

Dad: Why would you even say such a thing? Do you think you know better than God? Are you saying that the Bible is lying? If the Bible is lying then did Jesus not die on the cross for our sins?

Kid: Okay dad, you’re right…


Kid: Dad, I don’t think a fish ever swallowed Jonah. That sounds impossible!

Dad: Why do you say that?

Kid: I learned in class today that no human could survive in the belly of the whale. My teacher said that the story of Jonah is nothing but a story to teach us to obey God.

Dad: She brings up a good point. It does seem impossible doesn’t it? But do you believe our God can do the impossible?

Kid: I mean, yeah. But how do we know this story isn’t just a lesson?

Now you can help guide their thinking and come to the conclusion together rather than lecture them for violating a basic Christian belief. You need to be a safe place to have these discussions because they’re going to happen with or without you.

At some point, your kids are probably going to need more than just the Sunday school answers. Below are 3 strong examples of extra-biblical evidence to support the validity of the Bible:

  1. The account of ancient historian Josephus

Josephus was an ancient historian who worked under the Roman Emperor during the first century.  In his writing, “Antiquities of the Jews,” Josephus recounts the story of Jesus, how he was the Christ, and how he died and resurrected. The story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins isn’t just in the Bible. Look it up! Antiquities of the Jews Book 18, Chapter 3, 3

  1. Reliability of oral tradition

According to secular historian A.N. Sherwin-White, the validity of the oral tradition (stories passed down verbally) is reliable up to one or two generations after the events of the story.  The books of the New Testament were written down within the same generation in which Jesus lived. So, even though the Gospels were written down as early as 20 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, historically these accounts would have to have been completely accurate since many of the eye-witnesses were still alive.

  1. Gender roles in ancient society

During Jesus’ time, women held a low status in society (something Jesus himself spoke against). In the Gospels, Mary and Martha are credited with being the first individuals to see Jesus alive after his crucifixion. During this time, the testimony of women was not credible so if the “story” of Jesus’ resurrection was made up, men would have been named as the first to see Jesus since their testimony was credible. The only reason women saw him first is because Jesus truly did resurrect and Mary and Martha truly were the first ones to see him!

Believe me, there is so much more! We don’t have to believe in the truth of Bible without historical proof. There are extensive facts and details that back up its authenticity. We don’t have to continue telling our kids to just have “faith” and believe it is true; we can back it up with facts! At some point, typical “church answers” aren’t going to be good enough, and that’s okay! It may start now, or when they’re in Junior High, High School, even college. The important thing is to “always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you about the hope you have” (1 Peter 3:15)- especially your kids!

5 Tips on Being a Great Daughter-In-Law


My mother-in-law had always wanted girls. She had two boys. At the age of nineteen I became her second daughter-in-law. One day about a year after our wedding she casually told me, “I had always wanted daughters. I thought that when my sons got married I’d have the daughters I always wanted but that didn’t happen. I lost my sons.”

I decided I would try to be the best daughter-in-law I could be to her, but truthfully, I never thought she liked me. Until just before she passed. I’ll get to that at the end.

I recently wrote a post titled The ABC’S on Being a Good Mother-In-Law and it hit me that I have way more experience on being a daughter-in-law than a mother-in law. After 33 years I thought I’d pass on some of what I’ve learned.

5 Tips on how to be the best daughter-in-law:

1 – Be good to their son. Every mother wants to know that their son is being loved and cared for. Remember a mother’s heart. She is the one who raised him, loved him, changed his diapers, cried over him. Handing her “baby” off is the greatest gift a mother can give. Some try and pull back and hold on because it can be a very painful process. Nothing brings me more joy than to see my daughter-in-law bring love and happiness to my son’s world.

2 – Keep them in the loop. Parents love to hear how their children are dong. My daughter-in-law will send me random pictures of new boots, my son teaching (he’s a pastor), places they go, dogs they are babysitting, my son being goofy…I love every one! She keeps me in the loop and I love it! I call my father-in-law regularly to keep him updated on our lives. He loves the calls and we have great conversations. Parents love hearing about their children!

3 – Give them one-on-one time. When I was visiting, my daughter-in-law told my son to take me out for breakfast one morning. Jenny had to work and she pushed Tim to spend some alone time with me. I love the time we all spend together but her pushing Tim to spend some time with me was very special. Don’t take it as a threat if your husband wants to spend time with his parents.

4 – Be forgiving. All mother-in-laws say and do silly things. Stupid things even. I sure do! Don’t hold grudges. My mother-in-law would sometimes say the oddest things. One time she said, “I saw your mother, she was poured into her paints.” I remember it because it was so funny! My mom has always been very particular about her clothing so there was no credence to what was said. But it was funny. I laughed at it, but didn’t tell my mom.

To my mom: Sorry Mom, it was over 30 years ago.

5 – Love, respect, and appreciate them. My daughter calls her mother-in-law Mama Judy. I love this! Calling her by that title shows love and honor. Look for ways to extend love. We all have our own ways of showing love and respect. Maybe it is as simple as truly loving them. When our heart is filled with love we extend love.

Just before my mother-in-law passed she reached out to me in a way she didn’t anyone else. Maybe because she knew I deeply loved her son and wanted to show appreciation. I don’t know. But I was the one she prayed with to ask Jesus into her life. She died from dementia and would go in and out, but had small glimpses of clarity. During one of those last times of clarity she reached out for me. The whole family was there but it was me she reached for.

Walking away that day I knew without a doubt she liked me all along, I just never knew it.

Bottom line: Loving your husband’s parents is loving your husband.

Until next time, love all out.

My First AA Meeting


I always wanted to go to an AA meeting, just to see what it’s like. I wondered if it would be like what we see on TV and in the movies. Have you ever wondered about that?

A friend said I could go with her.

“Really? I can go?”

“Yes,” she said “but there will be some rules.”

I’m thinking, Okay, I can live with rules. Lay it on me.

“You can’t talk.”

My thoughts again, I guess I can do that. I knew it would be a challenge for me not to talk but if that’s a rule then I’ll comply.

“You can’t tell anyone what is shared and you can’t tell anyone who was there. If you recognize someone you can’t let anyone else know they were there.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

And we went. To an AA Meeting. I was a bit nervous and excited. It was a women’s only meeting.

And you know what?

I loved it!

And I will tell you why.

First, I was welcomed literally with open arms. I received a handshake and two hugs before I took two steps in the door.

I was embraced and I felt welcome immediately. My fear that I would be rejected because I was an impostor, there to support my friend, was quickly dismissed.

As the meeting started, everyone was courteous and respectful of others and didn’t talk out of turn. Hmmm, I like that!

As women shared everyone listened, were supportive, and laughed when appropriate. When someone spoke they only spoke about themselves, not others. I love that!

How often are you in a group of ladies and one or more will get to talking about other people who are not in the room? So uncomfortable!

Everyone had a limited time to share, and no one monopolized the time allotted. I loved this more!

How often have you been in an organized group where one or two people dominate the whole conversation not letting others talk? Frustrating to say the least!

But the thing that struck me the most was how when someone shared a challenging thing in their life no one tried to give advice. They all just listened!

How many times have you been in a group and as soon as someone shares a struggle in their life numerous people give advice and tell them what to do? Just be quiet please!

Sometimes the best thing we can do is give someone a listening ear.

What I learned:

-I learned there is tremendous power and healing in talking and letting out your feelings.

-I learned there is exuberant power in listening.

-I learned that holding grudges only handicaps you.

-I learned that the best environment for growth and healthy living is one with acceptance, love, and forgiveness.

What if we applied this to our family?

What if we listened without judgment?

What if we accepted unconditionally?

What if we recognized that we all have flaws and failures?

What if we loved unconditionally?

What if we offered grace and forgiveness before it was asked for?

What if we welcomed everyone with open arms at every encounter?

What if we were vulnerable with our feelings and expressed our deficiencies?

What if we always felt safe?

How much better would life be?

How much better would you be?

Until next time, show love, extend grace, and listen.

Book Project

love-pen-bed-drinking-mediumI recently made an announcement that I am getting my first book published.

With this new and exciting news, it takes me back to one life changing night.

I couldn’t sleep much like many nights beforehand. About two weeks worth! It was during the season of our lives where my husband was in the process of becoming a pastor.

I knew he’d make an excellent pastor. I knew he was ready. I knew God was calling him.

What I didn’t know was if I could be a pastor’s wife. With his title came my title. And I wasn’t ready for it. AT ALL. With Bible in hand I wrestled with God, night after night while my family slept.

I’d tell God, “I can’t do this! You know how I am. I say the wrong things. Often. I make poor decisions sometimes. Okay, more than sometimes. Plus, I don’t want to be a pastor’s wife, I have other plans!

In the quiet of the night I heard God’s answer. Not audibly, I’m not that crazy. But I “heard” it loud and clear, like it could have been audible.

This verse jumped out from my Bible:

“He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake shall find it.” –Matthew 10:39

I had my answer. I needed to exchange my plans for God’s plans. And He would take care of the rest. I closed my Bible and went to bed.

Wrestling over.

God’s plans are always better than ours. AMEN?

When we are obedient to God’s voice, blessings pour out.

Don’t confuse this with everything always going our way—I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is God knows best. Simple. And just as much true.

In my case, when I gave up what I thought was best for me in exchange for what God had for me, life got easier. Life got better. Exceedingly better.

God led me to writing. When you’re a writer you endure much criticism and rejection.

Have you been criticized?

Have you been rejected?

Not fun, huh?

Well, I’ve had my share.

Every time one of my manuscripts was rejected I would ask God, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” His answer was always the same. “Keep writing.” Again, I didn’t hear him audibly, but I heard Him clear.

So I kept writing.

Then one day I got a yes. I GOT A YES!

It went from: No. No. No. No. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass.

To: YES!


My first book will be released sometime in 2017 through Barbour Publishing. The book is a premarital book for couples looking to get married, who are engaged, or newly married. It will be jam packed full of practical advice and easy to do tips.

And according to my good friend Eva, “This book will be for ALL married couples. Because it is never too late to start over.”


Thank you for reading, my friend. And thank you for your support in subscribing to my blog. I am excited for you to read my upcoming book.

Until next time, keep going until you hear yes! Or until God changes your course.

Who Knows the Power of a Praying Father?


We were in the garage—our gym—working out. My husband paused our workout DVD right in the middle. Our son was leaving to preach at a school chapel. Being only twenty, it was his first time doing so. Mike left our “gym” to go into the backyard where he prayed for our son before he left.

Oh the power of a praying dad!

I can honestly say this was not unusual. Throughout their life, Mike often prayed for our children and sent them off with a blessing from Dad and from their Heavenly Father.

My husband tells a story of falling asleep while praying for one of our kids in the middle of the night. He would stand over their cribs when they were babies and pray. One night with one hand on the baby, head bowed, he fell asleep. His head viciously hit the side of the crib. The loud thud, and earthquake shake, woke up the baby.

Hearing the baby crying I rushed into the room.

“What happened?”

As I entered the room, Mike was holding the crying baby.

“Nothing, go back to bed.”

He never told me how the baby had been woken up until recently.

Throughout our children’s growing up years he would pray for each in the night while they slept. I never learned of this until all three were grown.

From birth, to marriage, and on to vocational ministry, Mike sent each off with prayer.

Before Mike officiated the ceremony of our oldest son’s wedding he prayed for him.

Before he walked our daughter down the aisle, Dad prayed for her.

Before our son left for his first vocational ministry job out of state, Dad prayed for him.

When you send your child off with prayer you send them off with power.

Are you praying for your kids?

Are you praying with your kids?

Who knows the power of a praying father? All three of our children never had a “prodigal kid” season. From young they knew what they believed and whom they belonged to.

Perhaps it is a result of their Dad’s faithful and sometimes “painful” prayers?

Love your children by covering them in prayer.

Send your children off with power.

Take advantage of every opportunity to pray for your kids.

We can’t always be with our children, but we can surround him/her with God’s love.

Until next time, stop right now and pray for your family.

The ABC’S on Being a Good Mother-In-Law: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies


I must start with a disclaimer on this post: I don’t fully know how to do this. But my kids have been teaching me how to make progress as a mother-in-law daily, and I’ve learned a thing or two.

When my son first got engaged, I meddled in an area of my future daughter-in-law’s life. We were enjoying a night out for dinner. I was found out when a text came in on my son’s phone regarding the area I had been meddling in. Jenny was seated next to him. Oops! The expression on my son’s face made it clear it was regarding Jenny. Another oops! From across the dinner table, I watched the scene unfold. He showed the text to Jenny. Then he addressed me. Then he looked back at Jenny and said, “Welcome to the family!” It was my peculiar way of being loving, but I feared Jenny would dislike me forever.

To my astonished and pleased surprise, you’ll never guess what happened!

She took it as a compliment! She accepted my meddling as a way of loving her, and was thankful I was treating her the way I treat all my kids. WHEW! Did my son choose well or what? Her parents raised her well. Now, remember this post is not about meddling, we can save that for another time. I already told you I don’t have this mother-in-law thing totally together. 

This brings me to my first point.

1- Treat your in-law kids as good or better than you treat your own kids. Your daughter-in-law or son-in-law entered into your extended family. You have a lot of history to make up for. Treat him/her well and embrace each into your family. This is your job. Not theirs!

2- Love him or her. If you love your child, you will love who they love. If you care about your son or daughter, you should care about the most important person in their life. Love your kids by loving who they love. It’s not that hard. If you loved someone, how would you treat them? Then do it. Fake it if you have to. When we act like we love someone it won’t be long until we actually feel feelings of love for that person. And for the record, I love both my in-law kids. No faking for me. But if they were hard to love, I’d love all out and wait for my feelings to follow. Because I love my kids! You love your kids through the love you show to your son/daughter-in-law.

3- Include your new son or daughter. Don’t leave him/her out. Don’t ignore him/her. Be interested in his/her life and job. Be engaged with what interests him/her. When you do something for your children, do the same for your “adopted” children. This means when you send out mass texts to your family members, don’t exclude your new kids. Don’t exclude them from emails either. When you invite your daughter to visit, invite her new husband too. When you ask questions, ask the same question to both your son and his new wife. When you ask for opinions, ask your son-in-law too. Include your new kids in all things regarding your family. No one likes to feel left out. Consider his/her feelings.

4- Respect boundaries. Your son-in-law needs to be able to tell you the word no. Your daughter-in-law should be able to set limits with you. I knew my son-in-law accepted me when he started telling me no. Because then I knew his yes really meant yes. And I knew my daughter-in-law loved me when she could convey how often she wanted visits after their first child was born. Because it meant that when she said she wanted me to visit, she really meant it. When you respect your “kids” boundaries they are free to love you and invite you into their lives. If they ask you not to do something, you don’t do it! And you don’t pout about it after! This includes calling too early or posting embarrassing things on Facebook. My kids tell me often, “Mom, don’t post that on Facebook!” We moms are proud and can get carried away. I know I can, but we need to respect how they feel and what they deem acceptable.

5- Don’t barge in. Wait to be invited. This does not mean you don’t invite your children to get together. By all means, invite them to spend time with you. What this means is you don’t arrive at their home unannounced or tell them when you are coming for a visit. You ask. My daughter-in-law and son live in another state and I always ask when I can come for a visit, I don’t just barge in. We work out the dates together. And don’t try and barge in with your opinions about their life either. They are adults, if they want advice on something they will ask.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the golden rule of treating others the way you’d want to be treated. Do the best you can each day and start over the next. I’m learning how to do this because my kids are teaching me. I love all of my kids and they are worth all my efforts. And I’m guessing yours are too.

Until next time, love others the way God loves you.

Fighting with the Husband


My son walked in on a “discussion” my husband and I were having. He said what he needed to say and left with, “Okay, I’ll leave so you two can finish your fight.” So perceptive!

Later when we were alone I filled him in on more details. I believe if your kids see you having a “discussion” they deserve to hear the resolution too. Only fair, right?

After bringing him up to speed, with his jaw dropped, he said, “Wow Mom! You were really mean!”

Would you be interested in hearing what happened?

Here’s the honest unadulterated truth:

It was early morning and my husband and I were both in the kitchen getting ready to workout. I was getting some water, and he his energy drink. Well, I have a tendency to “forget” that I am not alone in the kitchen and my hubby pointed out my lack of ability to share the kitchen space. My response was, “Well, if you got me a bigger kitchen we would have more room.”

Okay, don’t judge me. I know it was REALLY mean and cutting.

Back to the story:

He didn’t say a word. We both went into the garage – where our gym is – and did our workout. Without. A. Word. Usually we talk through our workouts, but not on this day.

Now, would I like a bigger kitchen? Yes. Are we saving to make it happen? Yes. If we had extra funds would he make it happen for me as soon as possible? Yes.

Just because something is true, does not make it okay to say it.

Here’s truth:

Do I have everything I need? Yes. Was I just saying it to be mean? Yes. I was mad and wanted to dig at him. I went for the jugular. Something we women should never do. I did what I tell others NEVER to do! I’ve even told my daughter many times.


I’ve always been quick with the tongue and have to seal my lips often to stop words from lashing out which leave collateral damage. Well, this day I was unsuccessful to say the least.

This is the mean message I sent:

  • You don’t give me enough.
  • I am not happy with you.
  • I want more.
  • Others have a better kitchen than me and it’s your fault.
  • I’m not happy with you.

In my heart I didn’t want to convey that but my insensitive words did. Clearly, this is not a way to build up your husband! I blew it on several levels and ended up apologizing profusely. However, it was my son who pointed out just how nasty and insensitive I had been.

So, what’s a girl to do now?

To begin with, sealing my lips is a good start, but a deeper step needs to be made. You see, this is a heart issue. Deep down I’ve got coveting going on. My daughter-in-law AND my daughter both have better kitchens than I do. I started running negative scripts in my head about what I don’t have.

We can never feel content and joyful when we focus on what we don’t have and what we think we deserve.

My son ended our conversation with, “What about all the clothes Dad buys you? He spends more money on your clothes than anything else.”

Uggghhhh! Guilty!

Here’s the take away:

Focus on what you have. Not on what you don’t have. For me, I have a kitchen full of food! There is usually a lot of laughter and cheerfulness in my kitchen. My husband looks out for me and gives me more gifts than I can list. He works hard. Very hard. He comes home every night. He loves to buy me presents. And he loves to take me out. Bottom line, I have a wonderful husband. One who does not deserve to be belittled by the insensitive words of his wife. It is much more productive to build up our spouse than to tear them down.

Look for the blessings in your life and be thankful for what you have. Especially if you have a good spouse. They need to be treasured and appreciated.

When you change the heart, you change the tongue.

Until next time, be kind, speak words of praise, be thankful for all you have…especially your spouse!

Ask God


“You do not have because you do not ask.” -James 4:2

I had a dilemma on Friday.

I spent much of the day trying to get what I needed, putting out my best efforts. Friday evening arrived and fear began to seize me. I continued to wrestle with my conundrum. Friday rolled into the weekend…Saturday…Sunday…still striving. Waking up Monday morning my dilemma still lingered. I prayed during my morning Bible time and asked God for what I needed.

By 5:30 that evening I had everything I needed and more. More than what I asked for.

Why did I wait three days before asking God? Why?

“For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” -Matthew 7:8

Why do we wait to ask for what we need?

We have a resource immeasurably better than any human striving can accomplish, and yet we tend to hold off on asking God for our desires. The worst answer we can get is no. But at least our attitude can then be lined up with what God has in store, which is probably better than what we think we want. Hasn’t that happened for you? You think you want one thing, and then God gives you way more than you even imagined.

What do you need—want—to ask God for today? Ask Him. We can ask Him for anything.

He’s listening. He’s always ready.

Go to God with your requests and experience His majesty, splendor, and magnificence.

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” –Philippians 4:19

Do you need to start relying on God for what you need today?


He is waiting.