Same-Sex Divorce

With same-sex marriage comes same-sex divorce. Divorce is one of the ugliest sides of marriage. We’ve all experienced the pain of divorce in some way. Maybe your parents split up. Maybe you’ve experienced the destruction of your own marriage. Maybe you’ve had to watch your child go through the ugliness of divorce. Divorce is painful. Now that our country has legalized same-sex marriage I am wondering if same-sex divorce rates…

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Why Are So Many Pastors Falling?

It seems lately I’ve been hearing more and more about pastor’s who have had to step down from ministry due to moral failure. Does it seem like it’s happening more to you?  Or maybe I just didn’t notice before. Either way, how are we to respond when we hear about such things? Did you know that 80% of pastors and 84% of their spouses feel unqualified and discouraged as role…

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A Father’s Day Story

As Father’s Day approaches many are excited to celebrate Dad. It’s a day to give thanks and appreciation to our fathers. In honor of Father’s Day I’ve decided to share a “dad” story and I hope you do the same. We all have stories that stand out about our parents. For some reason I often think about a kind gesture my dad did many years ago. I was in elementary…

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When Your Child Tells You They’re Transgender

  It’s a boy! From the time of birth we identify our children as either male or female. Along with that label our society has very distinctive roles each gender must adhere to. What if your child doesn’t fit into what society tells us is a typical boy or girl? Does that make them transgender and therefore “born the wrong sex”? God tells us in Genesis 1:27: “And God created…

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Put On Your Big Boy Pants and Take a Giant Step

Change. I hate it. Do you? And yet change being a constant, you can always count on it. Like a best friend who always comes through, change will barrel through EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING! I hate it. I’ve changed my site. Do you like it? It was a breeze and a lot of fun making all the changes. LIE! Lie! LIE!  Truth: I am way too embarrassed to tell…

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Different. Better. Or Worse?

This is what the bed looks like when my husband makes it: This is what the bed looks like when I make it: See the difference? This stands as a huge hint into our differing temperaments. My husband and I are drastically different. He’s an introvert. I am more of an extrovert. People charge me up but they drain him. He’s a pastor and interacts with people all day in…

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Need Grace?

While watching a social experiment video I was totally sucked in. A man was dropping his wallet to see if people would return it. Most did. But this one guy picked up the wallet and put it in his pocket. He then proceeded to go shopping! He bought shoes and clothing using a credit card. I’m thinking, What a criminal! This is an example of what’s wrong with our world…

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Yes Tonight

For all you married folks out there, how often you do say, Not tonight? How often do you hear, Not tonight? And if you’re not married, please share this post with someone who is. “Not tonight” can feel like a right hook coming from the person you love most. The sting of rejection regarding something this intimate can’t be removed as easily as a bee sting. It can sometimes hurt…

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I See You, Young Mom

I see you in the restaurant wishing to get a few words in with your husband while your child screams. I pass you quickly in the church hallway while you’re moving slowly with a little gem in one arm and another treasure by the hand. I pass you in the grocery store isle wearing high heals with my hair curled (because I had time), while you barely brushed your teeth….

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Are You Feeling Exhausted and Overwhelmed?

“Wow, she’s beautiful. Why can’t I be like her? She has it all together. And her kids look amazing too. How does she do it?” Have you ever looked at someone and thought that? Are you like me? Because I have. Don’t judge me. Well, there she was approaching the children’s area with three perfect little kids in tow. I kinda wanted to trip her to see if she always…

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